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Friday, September 17, 2010

IAC-3 might be nuclear powered Aircraft carrier

Chinese venture in to building fleet of aircraft carrier for their naval surface fleet might throw in different plans for Indian navy , Chinese who are already working on a 50000 ton STOBAR carrier known has “Shi Lam”, which was earlier known has Varyag, a unfinished Soviet air craft carrier based on Kuznetzov carrier class which Russia currently operates .

China have plans to build four more aircraft carriers of similar class two been conventional and other two been nuclear powered which will enable the Chinese navy to operate its carriers far away from it home naval base ,and armed with three dozen Sukhoi-33 or Naval J-10 variant will have enough punch to showcase its capabilities in international waters .

While at home work on IAC-1 which has been named INS Vikrant has been under construction for a while in Kochi which will be launched by 2012 and will be operational few years later, IAC-2 has already been told will be a CATOBAR aircraft carrier with 65000 ton and plans are there to operate Fixed wings aircrafts like AEW (HAWK EYE 2D) and also ASW aircrafts.

While IAC-3 which will be launched by 2018 and to be deployed by 2025 will be replacement carrier for INS Vikramaditya which will only have service life of 20 to 25 years when inducted by 2012 . Recent discussion with a serving naval officer has disclosed that nuclear propulsion might be used to power the third aircraft carrier.

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